Q: Is there a difference between installing the Verve® Living Systems whole-house lighting control system and other lighting control systems?
A: You bet there is. Because many of Verve’s products are wireless and battery-less, they typically reduce labor and installation time for projects. And, depending on the project, they may also result in less wire and other materials being used.

Q: What makes Verve® switches 100% movable?
A: Verve switches can harvest their own energy and therefore never need power or batteries, meaning they don’t need to be permanently affixed to any wall. If you choose to affix them to a wall or other surface, you can use the mounting plate on any surface including drywall, brick, tile or concrete.

Q: What surfaces can you attach Verve® switches to?
A: The mounting plate we’ve designed can be screwed or adhered to any surface including glass, concrete or brick.

Q: Can the Verve® system dim all the lights in a house whether they’re incandescents or compact fluorescents?
A: Yes, as long as the bulbs have dimming capabilities.

Q: Can the Verve® system be used to turn on the lights in a house when the occupants are pulling into the driveway?
A: Yes, keeping a switch in the car is a terrific way to arrive home safely and securely. Click the switch and watch the house come to life.

Q: Can the Verve® system be used to create and control pathway lighting?
A: Yes, the Verve lighting control system is simple to program and create pathway lighting that can be controlled by a single switch. With just one click you can easily find your way to the nursery for a midnight feeding or to the kitchen for a midnight snack. You can turn on the garage, laundry and kitchen lights to welcome you home in the evening. There are no limits to what you can control with a Verve switch. Imagine being able to turn on and off every light in your home from a single switch.

Q: Can the Verve® system be used to create lighting scenes?
A: Whatever your mood, the Verve system allows you to completely control your lighting. The easy to use Verve controller lets you create the exact environment you’re in the mood for. Just select the lights you want to control, set the desired dimming levels and link the settings to a single switch. You can instantly transform your home whether it’s for a night of fine dining with friends, a movie with the kids or a friendly night of cards with the neighbors.

Q: Will I lose my programming when there is a power loss?
A: No, the Verve® system is designed with a non-volatile memory so your programmed lighting choices will still be there when the power comes back on.

Q: Do I need a professional to program the Verve® lighting control system?
A: Never. The Verve controller is easy to use. Any light can be programmed to any switch in three simple steps. First, push the green link button on the controller. Next, push the button labeled for the light you wish to control. The light you selected will actually flash, so you know you have the light you want. Last, just click the switch you want to control the light 3 times and that’s it – you’re done!

Q: Can I control outlets with Verve®?
A: Yes, you can. Outlets can be wired through the Verve controller as easily as light fixtures. This gives you the freedom to control lamps and other equipment plugged into outlets from a switch. Many things plugged into outlets can be damaged if dimmed, but the Verve system protects against this by eliminating the dimming functionality on switched outlets.

Q: Can the Verve® system help me save energy?
A: Yes. Just imagine being able to turn off every light and fan in your house and setting your thermostat to economy mode with one switch on your way out the door. You could also turn off power to receptacles controlling equipment like televisions, game centers and printers. And, when you are home, our lighting controls can help you save energy by enabling you to dim every light in the house to whatever level is most comfortable for you.   

Q: Can I buy additional switches?
A: Yes, as many and as often as you like. Verve® switches are available by calling 877-874-8774, or by visiting the Where to Buy section of our site to locate the representative in your area.

Q: Can I install a Verve® lighting control system in my existing home?
A: The Verve system is ideally suited for new construction, renovations and remodeling. Because lighting and outlet loads are wired through the Verve controller, it would be cost prohibitive to completely rewire an existing home.

Q: How do I get more information about Verve® Living Systems?
A: Call 877-874-8774 or visit the Where to Buy section of our web site to locate the Verve® Living Systems representative in your area.

Q: Will Verve controllers dim low voltage light fixtures?
A: Yes. Our reverse phase dimming is compatible with electronic low voltage ballasts and power supplies. Due to the fact that they can emit a loud hum when dimmed, we do not recommend using our controllers to dim magnetic or transformer type low-voltage lighting.

Q: What is the load capacity of the Verve 10 Channel Controller?
A: 1800 continuous watts or 15 amps. (Note: A 15-amp circuit breaker will not typically trip at this rating however the NEC de-rates the breakers to 1400 watts or 12 amps due to heat buildup in the breaker panel and this can sometimes result in nuisance tripping of breakers).

Q: What type of warranty is offered on Verve’s products?
A: Our X3000 switches come with a limited lifetime warranty. All other Verve products come with a 5-year warranty against defects and workmanship. Proof of purchase is required.

Q: Are the Verve switches available in colors other than white?
A:  At this time our switches are only available in white.

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