The energy savings you need.  Without the hassles you don't.

Install Verve® Living Systems products to create a scalable energy saving solution that meets the needs of your individual property.  Our wireless sensors and  products can reduce materials required in new construction projects and are the perfect solution for upgrading an existing property.  They are easy to install and can typically be integrated into a guest room in a matter of minutes, saving you time, money and headaches.

Energy Savings Come Easy

Add Verve® Living Systems sensors and controls to hallways, resident rooms and common areas and see just how effortless energy savings can be.  Our wireless sensors and controls work to monitor spaces and automatically adjust temperature and lighting based on occupancy.  Verve can help you save energy and control costs without sacrificing the comfort of students, staff members or visitors to your campus.


Create a More Comfortable Home

With Verve® Living Systems, it’s simpler than ever for your home to adapt to your lifestyle. Create peace of mind at night with pathway lighting or use the scene feature to change the lighting to fit your mood. To save energy without sacrificing comfort use Verve sensors and controls to set back temperature and turn off lights and outlets in unoccupied spaces. Verve® products provide complete flexibility enabling you to control a small area or your entire home.