Hassle Free.

Verve® sensors and control products are wireless and battery-less making them incredibly easy to install and maintain.   There is no need to run additional wiring or damage walls and they can typically be installed in guest rooms in under an hour using in-house maintenance resources.  And, because the products are self-powered, the on-going maintence costs associated with periodic battery replacements can be eliminated.     

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  • 10-Channel Controller
  • In-Line Switch Module
  • Single Channel Controller
  • Plug-In Switch
  • Lumen Sensor
  • Occupancy Sensor - Ceiling-Mounted
  • Occupancy Sensor – Wall-Mounted
  • Door & Window Sensor
  • Key Card Switch
  • Single Rocker Pad
  • Double Rocker Pad
  • Single Decorator Switch
  • Double Decorator Switch
  • Single Verve Switch
  • Double Verve Switch
  • Thermostat
  • HVAC Setback Module
  • Save On Energy Costs
  • Simple Installation and Maintenance